About me

I was born and raised in the most beautiful city of Turkey, Izmir. After my high school graduation, I moved to Istanbul for university education. Although my interest in software development goes way back, I've been advancely programming since 2015. I'm interested not only in software but also music, acting, filmmaking, languages and much more.

What I do

I simply make software.
My fingers can code HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java and C#. The list will probably expand as time goes by.

Briefly, I can develop websites, web applications, mobile applications and simple computer programs. Dictionaries call people like me as "Full-stack software developers".

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Android
  • Code
  • Cloud
  • Security

Except software

I always find something to keep myself busy. Occasionally, this means going out with friends for walking out or drinking, and some other times I just pick one of my hobbies; skateboarding, listening to music, filmmaking, studying languages and some other stuff.

When I'm not writing code, I'm ninety percent of the time thinking about a software project on the background. At the end of the day, some ideas come up to be real projects.


I try to make art out of software.

When I do that, I usually earn money. If you are willing to make your digital dream a digital reality, contact me.

Contact me

for whatever reason

I'm always couple of clicks away from you. Either for a quick talk or for a business inquiry, you can message me from here or the social platforms.

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